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Anchusa Care believe care should be about having a choice and planning ahead but sometimes accidents in the home and sudden illness are often the reason that people start looking for care services.  Anchusa Care can support you to either plan care in advance or support you in an emergency situation, we are flexible in our approach to meet your needs.  71% of people would rather grow old in their own homes, this figure was established prior to the Covid Pandemic and it is believed that this number has increased with the acknowledgement that it is often safer for people to remain in their own homes.

If you are happy and content living in your own home, but need some extra help and support with certain things to maintain your independence, then home care might be right for you.  We can help you establish if home care is suitable by carrying out a free assessment – there is no obligation with Anchusa Care, leaving you free to make an informed decision about our home care services.

Our Carers are here to assist you with home help, personal care, companionship, complex care and Dementia care. Click to see a list of our home care services.

Selecting our staff is a vital part of what we do at Anchusa Care.  We take time to select people based on their values, ensuring that they are empathetic, enthusiastic people with big hearts and warm, friendly natures.  Our Carers want to build positive caring relationships with their clients and have chosen this profession because they genuinely care about people.  We wouldn’t employ anyone that wasn’t good enough for our own Mums or Dads and that means we wouldn’t employ anyone that wasn’t good enough for you.

We understand the challenge of caring for someone living with Dementia.  Our team has years of experience in helping families to cope with the reality of life with Dementia and this means that we are able to offer expertise when it comes to providing care and support for someone living with Dementia at home.  Anchusa Care are “Dementia Champions” and “Dementia Friends” and our staff undergo specialist Advanced Dementia Care training annually, to ensure that they are up to date with the latest approaches and strategies in supporting someone with Dementia.

Home care is a service that you pay for by the hour.  You decide the level of care and support you need, for as long as you want it – you only pay for the one-to-one care you receive rather than paying a care home provider to fund full-time residential care.  Paying for home care by the hour means you are in control of how much you spend each week and have the flexibility to decrease or increase your spending as your needs change.

Understanding home care funding can seem a little confusing at first but there are plenty of options available to you.  These are dependent on your financial situation, which if you chose, can be evaluated by Hertfordshire Adult Care Service (Local Council).  The council will assess you to identify your care needs – they can do this in person or over the telephone and they can speak to you or your loved ones.  They will carry out a “means test” which is a financial assessment of your ability to fund the care.  The assessment will look at your benefits, earnings, savings and assets and calculate what financial support you might be eligible for from the government.  The table below shows the funding thresholds.

Your Capital
How Much You Will Pay
Over £23,250
You pay the full fees
Between £14,250 and £23,250
The council will fund a portion of your care and you will pay for the rest of it
Below £14,250
The council will pay for all of your care fees or for most of it
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