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At Anchusa Care, we understand the complexities and challenges that individuals living with Huntington’s disease face on a daily basis. Our specialised Huntington’s Disease service is designed to provide compassionate and comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of individuals and their families affected by this condition.

Our Huntington’s Disease service offers:

Expert Care practitioners:  Our care practitioners are trained in providing specialised care for individuals with Huntington’s disease. They have the knowledge and experience to manage the physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms associated with the condition. Our care practitioners work closely with individuals and their families to provide personalised care that promotes comfort and enhances quality of life.

Personalised Care Plans:  We believe in individualised care plans that address the specific needs and preferences of each person living with Huntington’s disease. Our care practitioners work closely with individuals and their families to develop a comprehensive care plan that focuses on maintaining independence, managing symptoms, and optimising well-being.

Physical and Cognitive Support:  Huntington’s disease can affect motor skills, cognitive function, and emotional well-being. Our care practitioners are trained to help with communication, mobility, balance, and daily activities. They can also offer cognitive stimulation exercises and emotional support, helping individuals maintain mental acuity and emotional resilience.

Medication Management:  Our care practitioners can assist with medication management, ensuring that individuals receive their prescribed medications on time and in the correct dosage. They can also monitor medication schedules, communicate with healthcare professionals, and provide medication reminders to help manage symptoms effectively.

Emotional Support:  We understand that Huntington’s disease can have a significant emotional impact on individuals and their families. Our care practitioners provide compassionate emotional support, creating a nurturing and understanding environment. They are trained to address emotional well-being, offering companionship, active listening, and encouragement.

Anchusa Care work with people living with:

Family Involvement:  We recognise the importance of family involvement in the care of individuals with Huntington’s disease. Our care practitioners work collaboratively with family members, keeping them informed and involved in the care process. We provide support, guidance, and resources to help families navigate the challenges of Huntington’s disease together.

Respite Care:  We offer respite care services for family care practitioners, providing them with the opportunity to take a break and recharge. Our care practitioners can step in and provide temporary care, ensuring that individuals with Huntington’s disease continue to receive exceptional support while their care practitioners take care of themselves.

At Anchusa Care, we are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals living with Huntington’s disease. Our specialised service provides the support and assistance necessary to navigate the challenges associated with the condition, promoting comfort, dignity, and peace of mind.

Contact Anchusa Care today to learn more about our Huntington’s Disease service and how our compassionate care practitioners can provide the specialised support your loved one deserves. Because living with Huntington’s disease should not mean facing it alone.

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