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Anchusa Care is committed to putting quality care at the heart of everything we do. We are the only home care provider based in Hitchin to have been awarded “Excellent” by Hertfordshire County Council and “Outstanding” in the Caring category by the Care & Quality Commission and Good overall. This means that we provide a best-in-class service to all our customers. We do this by delivering care that is good enough for our loved ones:  we offer quality care without compromise. 

What is live-in care? Live-in care is where a full-time care practitioners dedicated to you lives in your home to be on call for all your care needs. It is an attractive alternative to a care home as it allows you to stay in your home for the longest possible time with the greatest possible independence.

Bespoke live-in care tailored to your needs. We want you to live your life your way. Our free assessment is Person Centred, which means we design a care package with you to serve your needs – to support you in the life you want to continue living.

How does live-in care work? Because a loved-one cannot always be on hand to help, our live-in care practitioners assist you in all the tasks that you would like support with. Our care practitioners are there 24 hours a day which means they can be on hand for any routine tasks as well as any emergencies.

What can a live-in care practitioner do? This is your decision. They prepare meals and keep the house clean, but, like all Anchusa Care staff, they are trained to assist with personal care, mobility, medication as well as a wide range of other needs. They can also help with day trips and even look after your pets. Our live-in care practitioners help you to live life your way.

Anchusa Care work with people living with:

What type of live-in care is best for you? We tailor our care to meet your needs. This means we offer care packages for any requirements, including respite care, emergency care, convalescence care, Dementia care, couples care, disability care, learning difficulty care, palliative care, as well as many more. All delivered without compromise.

Companionship through live-in care. One of the many benefits of live-in care with Anchusa Care is that as well as attending to all your medical and household needs, your care practitioner is also a companion, a friend to provide company when others are not about. Whether this is going to the cinema together or playing cards or just watching television, you will have someone there who cares, always.

The positive impact of live-in care. Live-in care provides peace of mind not just for you but for your friends and family. It extends your independence, allowing you to stay in your home and to continue living your life your way with the routines you enjoy most.

Why choose live-in care from Anchusa Care? Quality care without compromise is not just a company motto, it informs everything we do at Anchusa Care. We have received the highest possible ratings from Hertfordshire County Council and the CQC because we strive to be “excellent” and “outstanding” in everything we do. Our live-in care is delivered without compromise, and we promise to always go that little bit further, because Anchusa Care cares.

What are the costs? Live-in care with Anchusa Care starts at £1300 per week, depending on your needs.

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