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At Anchusa Care, we understand the life-altering impact a stroke can have on individuals and their families. Our specialised Stroke service is designed to provide comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of stroke survivors during their recovery journey.

Our Stroke service offers:

Experienced Care practitioners:  Our compassionate care practitioners are experienced in providing care for stroke survivors. They have the knowledge and skills necessary to support individuals in their physical, cognitive, and emotional recovery. Our care practitioners work closely with individuals and their families to develop personalised care plans that promote independence, maximise recovery potential, and enhance overall well-being.

Personalised Care Plans:  We believe in individualised care plans that address the specific needs and goals of each stroke survivor. Our care practitioners collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure an integrated approach to care, supporting you in your rehabilitation exercises, medication management, and activities that promote cognitive and physical function.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Support:  Our care practitioners can assist with rehabilitation exercises and work alongside physical and occupational therapists to support stroke survivors in their recovery goals. They aid with mobility, range of motion exercises, and activities of daily living to promote independence and improve functional abilities.

Medication Management:  Our care practitioners are trained in medication management for stroke survivors. They can assist with medication administration, ensure timely intake of prescribed medications, and communicate with healthcare professionals to monitor the effectiveness of medications and manage potential side effects.

Cognitive and Emotional Support:  We understand the cognitive and emotional challenges that stroke survivors may face. Our care practitioners provide cognitive stimulation exercises, memory aids, and emotional support to promote mental well-being and aid in emotional adjustment and resilience.

Anchusa Care work with people living with:

Home Modifications and Safety:  Our care practitioners can assess the home environment and recommend modifications to ensure a safe and supportive living space for stroke survivors. They aid with fall prevention strategies, mobility aids, and adaptive equipment to promote independence and minimise potential hazards.

Support for Family Care practitioners:  We recognise the crucial role of family care practitioners in the stroke recovery process. Our care practitioners offer respite care services, allowing family care practitioners to take a break and care for themselves while their loved ones receive exceptional support. We also provide guidance, education, and resources to help family care practitioners navigate the challenges of stroke recovery.

At Anchusa Care, we are dedicated to supporting stroke survivors in their journey toward recovery and helping them regain independence and quality of life. Our specialised service offers the assistance and encouragement necessary for a successful rehabilitation and adjustment to post-stroke life.

Contact Anchusa Care today to learn more about our Stroke service and how our compassionate care practitioners can provide the specialised support your loved one deserves. Because stroke recovery is a journey best taken with compassionate care and professional guidance.

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