Our Story

Our Story

Anchusa Care’s founder, Kelly Alexander has been in the care industry for 30 years. During this time it was always her dream to start her own home care company, based on the values she developed over her career.

The name ‘Anchusa Care’ comes from the cottage ‘Anchusa’ that belonged to her grandparents and where she and her siblings spent many happy times in a house full of love and kindness. Kelly’s goal was always to provide the kind of care that she would have expected for her own Grandparents.

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Our Brand

Our logo is of the Anchusa flower, one of only two true blue flowers you will find in a garden. It symbolises strength, compassion, kindness, growth, and for us, home.

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Anchusa Care Limited
Suite D, Gloverside, 23-25 Bury Mead Road, Hitchin, Herts
United Kingdom, SG5 1RT

Telephone: 01462 338343
Mobile: 07725 540194
E-mail: info@anchusacare.co.uk

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