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Meet the people behind the scenes at Anchusa Care, those that support all our carers so they’re able to provide high-quality care in the community.

Founder and Owner of Anchusa Care

Kelly Alexander

When I was 19, I spent 2 years working at the local hospital as an Auxiliary Nurse.  I worked on an acute medical ward where the patients had high needs and where I experienced life and death situations.  It taught me a huge amount at a young age about empathy and how to remain calm even in the most challenging situations.

Anchusa Care - Founder

I then worked as an Agency Auxiliary Nurse and would go to a different establishment most days.  I worked mostly in nursing homes for the elderly but had my first experience as a home Carer when I was asked to be a companion to an elderly lady who was lonely.  Working with her on a one-to-one basis really started my love affair with homecare, I supported her to have a more fulfilling life and meet some of her aspirations – it was one of the most rewarding and future defining moments of my career.  I continued my journey in health and social care by joining the British Nursing Association.  They had 160 branches that provided nurses and Carers across the UK and I worked at the Head Office in Hatfield.  It’s here that my industry knowledge flourished.

My career progressed and for the 5 years prior to opening Anchusa, I had worked my way up to the role of Operations Director for a large homecare and residential services corporation.  Having such wide experience has helped me to understand the challenges in the sector and how best to achieve positive outcomes for our Clients.  As an Operations Director my focus had turned to strategy and growth and I started to feel really disconnected from the Clients and their families, I wanted to be able to feel absolutely confident that the services that I was responsible for were of the very best quality but had become too far removed from the day to day service itself.

It had been a long-standing dream of mine to provide excellent quality care to the local community in which I live, employing local Carers to deliver care services to local people and it was with this mission that Anchusa Care was conceived.  After 18 months of planning, we opened the doors to Anchusa Care in November 2016.  Since opening I have been overwhelmed with the response to our service.  It is one thing to have a vision of how you want your services to change the lives of the people that you care for but to see it with your own eyes is incredible – I am very proud of what we have created as a team and the positive impact that it has had on all of the people we have cared for over the last 4 years.

Allissa Batson

Quality & Compliance Manager

Nicola Lynch

Training Manager

Hannah French

Field Care Supervisor

Lauren Watson

Field Care Supervisor

Emily Wilson

Recruitment Manager

Cher Ryan


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